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Domain Communications - Complaints, Renewals, Redemptions


We are happy to say that we have little experience of dealing with dissatisfied customers but should you ever have cause for complaint (including abuse complaints) then we would ask you to email us at or phone us on 0191 4782233 and we guarantee that the issue will receive urgent attention at Company Director level.  If we cannot resolve the complaint to your satisfaction immediately e.g. because it is a complex issue then we will give you an honest indication of how long we expect it to take.

Should your complaint concern a domain name ending .uk and you are in any way dissatisfied with our response then you have the option to contact Nominet UK (the Domain Name Registrar) direct at

Netpresto Domain Renewal Procedure - how we communicate with Registrants:

Domains with a .uk extension are registered or renewed in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Registrar, Nominet UK, which can be seen at Should you be registering or renewing a domain on behalf of someone else then it is important that you make them aware of this too.

1. At least 30 days before the expiry date the Registrant will be emailed with an invitation to renew.

The email contains the following details: Domain name / Expiry date / Renewal price / Current registration details with a request to advise us if any changes are necessary.

2. When the Registrant responds requesting renewal we renew the domain and also update any registration details necessary.

Once the renewal is complete we email confirmation of the new expiry date to the Registrant and if any registration details have been updated we confirm those changes have been made. If a change to the Registrant name is required for a domain ending .uk the Registrant can make the change direct with Nominet at

3. Should the Registrant not respond promptly to the emailed renewal invitation then at least one 'standard' email reminder is sent but if there is still no response we try to contact the Registrant by phone.

If there is still no response then a week before the domain expiry date a 'final reminder' email is sent and also a letter posted to the Registrants address inviting them to renew with a warning that should we not hear from them the domain will not be renewed by Netpresto and it will be allowed to expire on the given expiry date and that any Internet services that are set up using the domain will cease to function.

Expired Domains

If you decline your domain name renewal it will be marked at the registry as “allow to expire / renewal not required” and all services we provide regarding that domain name will be suspended. Some expired domains are deleted by their Registry immediately but many have an additional grace period during which the original domain registrant can redeem the domain should you change your mind. Please call us on 0191 4782233 for domain specific advice.

Redeeming an Expired Domain Ending in .uk

30 days after the domain expiry date your domain name will be suspended by Nominet and 60 days after suspension the domain name will be scheduled for cancellation. Nominet will send a final reminder at 83 days after expiry so If you change your mind and still wanted to retain your domain name, you still can and at the original renewal price but you will need to act quickly as at this point it is only 7 days before cancellation and deletion from the register. Once your domain has been cancelled and deleted from the register it is made available for registration by anyone who wishes to register it.

Redeeming Other Expired Domains e.g. .com .net .org

Immediately following expiry many domains are suspended and enter a 40 day grace period. During this time the domain can be renewed by the original registrant at the renewal price. After this grace period ends the domain may be deleted, auctioned or kept by the Registry. It may still be possible to retrieve your domain at this point but there will be additional costs imposed by the Registry.  Grace periods and redemption costs can vary depending on the domain extension/Registry so please call us for advice on 0191 4782233

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Communications with you - our commitments:

We guarantee to acknowledge receipt of communications from our Customers (including complaints) within 5 working days.  However, in practice it is usually within 1 working day.