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Domain Name Registration

We offer a no hassle domain name registration service —taking care of all the paperwork and then looking after the domain name. There is no need to worry about losing passwords or missing renewals and losing your domain name.

No technical expertise is required as we provide your DNS management free.

You can buy any domain name through us without buying additional services.

We don’t charge maintenance or exit fees.


We register domain names quickly and efficiently in your name - not ours.

Domain names are available from just £17.50 + VAT*  per domain year and can be registered for 1-10 year periods. Renewal prices are the same as registration prices.

All .UK registrations are subject to contracts with Nominet, the issuing organisation. Click below to view.

Nominet’s Registration Terms and Conditions and Dispute Resolution

.com  .org  .net  .info

Most domain names are available from just £17.50 + VAT* per domain year. Domains can be registered from 1 to 10 years.

Renewal prices are the same as registration prices.

All registrations are subject to contracts with the issuing bodies. Click below to view.

There are many registries - offering a huge choice - but some have restrictions and special conditions so we offer free pre-registration advice and guide you through the process.

 .asia   .be   .biz   .ca   .cc   .co  .de   .es   .eu   .me   .mobi   .name    .tel   .tv    .ws   .at   .ch   .dk   .fr   .it   .li   .mx   .nl   .bz   .la   And more

Registration and renewal prices vary depending on the registry - please contact us for current prices.

.asia .at .be .biz .bz .cc .ch .com .de .dk .es .eu .fr .info .it .li .me .mobi .mx .name .net .nl .org .tel .tv .ws .co .mx and more

*all prices exclude 20% VAT

Domain Name Registration & Management

Domain names registered for you and looked after by us

The key stone of all Internet services is a domain name. Email and web sites, central to many businesses’ communications, are dependent on its correct operation. It is vital that it is looked after carefully and responsibly. The people at Netpresto are your ultimate safeguard against losing your domain name and your guarantee of an expert, efficient domain name service.

We put many years of experience and a proven track record at your service – by buying your domain through Netpresto you can be sure you are entrusting your virtual assets to an established Internet business.

ICANN Registrants Rights & Responsibilities

Communications with Domain Registrants

We will acknowledge receipt of communications, including complaints, within 5 working days. However, in practice we usually respond within 1 working day. If you have a question or complaint relating to your domain registration please email

Click for more info on how we deal with renewals and complaints

Procedures and charges relating to domain names